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24 Dramatic Photos Proving Nature Is Always Ahead of Us



We may think we have conquered nature by creating concrete jungles, cutting down forests, and mining minerals. Yet nature slowly, but surely, keeps proving to us that she is the only unbreakable queen on this planet. Step-by-step nature engulfs buildings, roads, and pretty much any objects that stand in its way, and we can’t do anything but be amazed.

Bright Side found 24 incredible photos that show the astonishing power of nature.

24. Plants are the only ones who can climb these stairs now.

23. An old fisherman’s house living its life in harmony with nature

22. These plants creating a half-pipe look like they’re into extreme sports.

21. This old greenhouse is the property of Mother Nature now.

20. This abandoned railway turned into a magnificent green tunnel.

19. Thousands of fish took over an abandoned shopping mall.

18. Even steel surrenders to plants.

17. Behold the power of nature!

16. A little sprout on the sidewalk will become a mighty tree soon.

15. “We will survive.”

14. A baby tree growing on another tree

13. Tree of Life in Olympic National Park, Washington

12. Defiance in a cold, soulless, stone jungle…

11. Surrender is not an option here.

10. After all our wars, nature will still win.

9. Seems like a very comfortable place to grow…

8. Life always finds its way.

7. A new circle of life begins.

6. Will this brick surrender first?

5. Unstoppable.

4. This old ship holds new life now.

3. Asphalt is no obstacle for a powerful will to live.

2. If there is even a tiny chance of survival — use it!

1. This lake tree in Canada found its Zen among the chaos.

Which shot amazed you the most? Have you been to abandoned places like these? Have you ever witnessed Mother Nature winning against humanity? Do you have any cool photos to prove it? Share your answers and your photos with us in the comment section!

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24 Photos Proving Men and Women Can’t Speak the Same Language




There is nothing surprising about a man not seeing any difference between 2 similar dresses even if they are completely different for a woman. Men probably don’t understand how women can use shovels to clean snow off the car, why their hair sheds everywhere, and why they need to make secret Oreo stashes.

Bright Side is convinced that sometimes men and women really need an interpreter to understand each other.

“A client called us yelling that we sold her a broken screen because, ‘the numbers wouldn’t go away.’ We sent help.”

“I was cleaning out old food from our cabinets today and found my wife’s secret Oreo stash.”

If there is a man with a beard in your house, your sink will look like this pretty often.

“300 miles away from my wife and I’m still finding her hairpins! Anyone else get this.”

“Y’all wanna get upset by the lack of seasoning on my boyfriend’s chicken?”

When she doesn’t care which bowl is for what:

“One of these is wrong. EVERY MORNING! Men.”

“Never, hear me, never ask your boyfriend for clothing advice.”

“Hey Babe, can you build ’us’ some shoe shelves?”

“How is it even possible to lose 9 socks? Where do they even go?”

“The way my wife ‘disposes’ of eggshells”

“I can’t decide if this deserves an A for effort… Or a D for effort. At least he tried-ish?”

Well, he is right.

“I asked my husband to make baked potatoes for dinner… This is what I got.”

“My girlfriend always steals my socks. And they are never matching…”

“I asked Scott to unpack the toilet paper… Instead of the cute 10-roll pyramid I usually make, I got this masterpiece boobytrap just waiting to come crashing down on my head.”

“My wife is a monster.”

“My husband was unloading groceries the other day & asked if the chicken could go in the freezer. I said yes just separate it into Ziplocs (it’s easier to thaw the exact amount we need for a meal). Just looked in the freezer this morning & both packages are like this… ah, the male brain…”

“When you come home late from work and your husband announces that he might have had a little accident while making dinner…”

“Asked my brother to leave some lemon for me.”

“Out of all the marriage advice I got, nothing prepared me for this.”

“My boyfriend left just enough noodles in the box to make saving them pointless.”

“It’s a car! You don’t do THIS to a car!”

“I had a fever yesterday and my boyfriend thought it was a pregnancy test.”

What funny things have you noticed your significant other do?

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26 Photos Proving That Happiness Is Not About iPhones




Some people are chasing their future so fast that they stop noticing how great their lives today actually are. And truly happy people don’t need to chase anything: they are happy to have a comfortable bed, a loyal friend who is always there for them, a present from their grandmother, and for every small achievement on their life path.

These people are more effective than any coach at teaching us to be happy right here and right now and we at Bright Side were inspired by their ability to be happy no matter what.

1. His person just got home after a few months of work. That’s the look of pure happiness.

2. Soap bubbles are absolutely necessary for a happy childhood.

3. These 4 guys agree.

4. “My son has struggled with autism, Tourette’s, agoraphobia, severe anxiety, and OCD. He found solace in writing and just published his book on Amazon! Here he is giving a copy to one of his teachers that helped him along the way.”

5. “The photo my sister sent me of her dog and the new puppy they just got”

6. “My mom made my girls one Pom-Pom rug each. They took 80 hours, 320 Pom-Poms, and she let them choose their favorite colors. Just missed Christmas, but they are ecstatic nevertheless.”

7. “After years of sleeping on the floor and then on an air mattress, I finally own a bed!!! ”

8. I call this one “Pure Happiness.”

9. “My niece has always loved pumpkins. Today, we took her to a pumpkin farm for the first time…”

10. “10 months ago I decided to start learning to love myself. I moved states, got a new job, and have surrounded myself with amazing friends (some new & old). This photo has captured exactly how I feel… Pure happiness! I am so proud”

11. “My wife captured a moment between my daughter and I on the train while she was ‘booping’ my nose with hers. Pure happiness.”

12. “Makes me weak in the knees to see the happiness in my 8-year-old yellow Lab’s eyes, as well as the happiness in the eyes of my 81-year-old Mom.”

13. He is genuinely happy.

14. When your friend is with you and you’re happy:

15. Weee… that was fun.

16. With age, people are more likely to find harmony with themselves and with the world.

17. “My boyfriend got me a lemur experience for my birthday!”

18. Snow. This is all these guys need to be happy.

19. There is no such thing as pure happiness… Or is there?

20. “My mother had wanted a miniature poodle for over 30 years. This is the day Zoe came home.”

21. “My dad got married this past weekend after being single for 13 years and raising 3 girls alone. This is what happiness looks like.”

22. “Here’s another shot of my 101-year-old grandfather with our new puppy! This is pure joy if I’ve ever seen it!”

23. “Me and my girlfriend were in a car accident in which her arm had to be amputated. A week later we adopted Lola, I don’t know who’s happier… I’m going with Lola.”

24. “After an 8 month apprenticeship, and numerous clean downs and set ups, this is me doing my first tattoo on some fake skin. It is what it is but I couldn’t be happier. I earned this.”

25. “My parents split up when I was a baby. Even though they didn’t get along, they maintained a healthy relationship so they could equally raise me. This is our first picture together in a decade. I’m thankful to be proof that parents who are separated can still work together.”

26. Happiness is a state of mind.

Which of these photos seems the most uplifting to you?

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