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12 Exercises That Can Defeat Your Hunger in 5 Minutes



One of the biggest problems with a good workout is that it might make you feel hungry. And if you binge, you kind of miss the whole point of having an exercise routine. That said, there are a bunch of exercises that can help you fight hunger, keeping you satisfied as well as healthy.

Bright Side has discovered some exercises that can help you defeat hunger in 5 minutes (or less)!

1. Breath of frog

This simple Chinese gymnastics exercise is said to help fight hunger, even if you haven’t eaten all day. Get a support, like a small table or chair. Lean your elbows against it. Alternatively, lean against the wall. Take a deep breath and at the same time pull the belly in as far as you can. Hold your breath for 3-4 seconds. Exhale and relax the abdominal muscles. Repeat 10 times. Doing this exercise before a meal is especially said to be helpful. The feeling of hunger will disappear immediately or after a couple of minutes.

2. Frog swaying on the wave

Clearly, frogs are experts at keeping your appetite in check. This is an exercise that requires you to lie on your back. Lift your legs up slightly, keeping them parallel to each other. Press one hand to your chest and the other to your stomach. Expand your chest by breathing. Perform this exercise before each meal and it can help you become satisfied with a small amount of food.

3. Lotus

As an extension of the aforementioned Chinese exercises, there is also a move that can help you control your breathing and thinking. Fold your legs so that your knees stick out, much like a lotus flower’s petals, while keeping your back straight. Hold for 5 minutes and just focus on your breathing.

4. Downward facing dog

Practicing yoga can help you fight the urge to overeat by 51%, according to studies. Some simple poses, like downward facing dog, can do the trick and help you feel fuller throughout the day. In this exercise, you get on all fours and gradually fold your torso into an inverted V.

5. Cobra

First, place yourself in the downward facing dog pose. Next, transition to lie on your stomach and gradually lift up your head, keeping your neck straight, imitating the snake. Hold this pose for 15 to 30 seconds before returning to downward facing dog.

6. Plank

Similar to cobra, start in the downward facing dog pose. Gradually, move your head forward, giving the impression that you are lifting yourself off the ground with your arms, before returning to downward facing dog. Some people also try a “side plank,” which requires them to hold themselves up with one arm.

7. Tree

You can even help yourself while standing up! Stand up straight with your arms by your side. Raise one leg and place it against your corresponding inner thigh. Place your hands in prayer position and hold. Then switch the legs and do the same thing on the opposite side.

8. Half boat

For this pose, sit on the ground with straightened legs, then bend them at your knee, and raise them into the air slightly. Reach out your hands straight beside your legs and hold this pose for a few seconds.

9. Plow

This time, lie on your back and relax for a little while. Lift your legs straight up and move them toward and eventually over your head, ultimately trying to touch the floor. Even if you can’t reach the floor, just move as far as you can and hold for a few seconds.

10. Warrior

There are multiple warrior or “Virabhadrasana” poses, but there is one that’s believed to help fight hunger. First, stand up straight at the top of your yoga mat. Take a big step back with your left foot, place it at a 45º angle, and bend your right knee, keeping your left leg straight. Bring both hands out to the sides. Hold for a few seconds.

11. Jump rope.

Some simple exercises, that even your kid sister can do, can help fight off hunger pains. According to one 2013 study, men who exercised by jumping rope had less urges to binge than men who tried cycling. It was believed that the added stress placed on muscles and bones helped fight hunger pains.

12. Lift weights.

Similar to jumping rope, any exercise that places stress on your muscles and bones can help reduce hunger. It makes sense to cut out the middle man and use your muscles here and now. Lift weights or take a kickboxing class.

Bonus: Do intervals.

Intervals, or smaller exercises you perform during your “resting” time during a workout, can also help calm your appetite. For example, run at your top speed for about a minute, then jog at a lesser speed for around 4 minutes. According to one study, people were found to eat around 170 fewer calories within an hour after their workout than people who exercised moderately.

Do you know any simple exercises that can help you fight hunger? Let us know!

Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for

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Oakland teachers strike: Union calls strike for pay, smaller classes




Teacher frustration keeps spreading.

Public school teachers in Oakland, California, said they will strike on Thursday, following 18 months of tense negotiations with district officials over pay raises and classroom sizes.

“We have had it. Enough is enough, bargaining with our school district has not worked,” said Keith Brown, a middle school teacher and president of the Oakland Education Association, during a press conference on Saturday. “Our schools have been starved of resources for years.”

If they don’t reach a deal before Thursday, about 3,000 teachers won’t show up to work in one of the state’s largest school districts, which has struggled from years of budget cuts and poor student performance.

Teachers say the lack of investment in city schools is hurting student performance. The cost of living in Oakland has also skyrocketed in recent years, due to an influx of high-skilled workers unable to afford housing across the bay in San Francisco, making it impossible for teachers to live there on their current salaries, Keith said. Teachers want a pay raise, smaller class sizes, and more counselors and nurses.

The strike in Oakland would come a month after teachers in Los Angeles walked off the job with similar demands — and ended up getting a lot of what they wanted. At the time, LA officials said the same thing Oakland officials are now saying: We just don’t have the money.

Oakland schools are facing a $56 million budget deficit in the next two years, so the school board wants to cut school spending, not increase it. School officials are trying to get more money from the state, but teachers are ready to walk out. And they know they have leverage.

It’s just the latest strike in what’s becoming a national trend. More than 100,000 public school teachers in six states have walked out of class in the past year, rebelling from years of stagnant wages, crumbling infrastructure, and deep budget cuts to education. The strikes in Arizona, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, California, and Colorado had broad public support, forcing state lawmakers to raise pay and fueling a national movement to boost investment in public education.

So far, that momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

Funding for public schools in California is a mess

Oakland teachers share a lot of the same frustrations that led LA teachers to walk out of class in January. They say school districts are spending too much money on privately run charter schools that have little public oversight. They also believe they are paid too little working in a state with much wealth.

California is among states spending the least on each student (adjusted for the cost of living), largely because of the state’s strict limits on property tax rates.

The Oakland Education Association, a labor union representing 3,000 educators, has been trying to negotiate a new contract since the last one expired in 2017. Teachers want a 12 percent pay raise over three years, smaller classes, and more support staff. One school counselor for every 600 students is not conducive to a student’s success, says Keith Brown, the group’s president.

The district has offered a 5 percent raise over three years.

Teachers rejected the offer.

“Unless there are dramatic changes to the district’s approach, including spending more money on students and for nurses and counselors, lower class size, and a living wage that will keep Oakland teachers in the classrooms, we will strike,” Brown said.

The school district has said it is willing to keep negotiating for a better deal to avert the strike, and would consider some recommendations from an independent panel, which found that low teacher pay, large class sizes, and school privatization were hurting Oakland schools. The report also acknowledges the state’s “complicated, flawed” system for funding public education.

“Despite our challenges, we are prepared with a comprehensive proposal to reach an agreement. If both sides are committed to settling the contract before a strike occurs —and we are — an agreement can certainly be reached without disrupting the educational experience for students, families and staff,” Oakland Schools Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell said in a statement Saturday.

They have three days to try and reach a deal.

Teachers are leading a national workers revolt

A record number of US workers went on strike or stopped working in 2018 because of labor disputes with employers, according to new data released last week by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. A total of 485,000 employees were involved in major work stoppages last year — the highest number since 1986, when flight attendants, garbage collectors, and steelworkers walked off the job.

Frustrated public school teachers were behind the year’s largest walkouts, but hotel housekeepers and steelworkers also organized strikes that lasted for days.

There are no signs that worker angst has subsided. So far, in 2019, teachers in two major cities have launched their own strikes. And in January, the Los Angeles teachers strike shut down the nation’s second-largest school district for more than a week.

As part of their deal with city officials, teachers agreed to a 6 percent raise and slightly fewer students in each classroom, according to Alex Caputo-Pearl, president of United Teachers Los Angeles, a labor union that represents about 34,000 public school teachers, nurses, librarians, and support staff in the city.

Last week, more than 2,000 teachers in Denver went on strike for three days. The school district ended up giving educators and extra $23 million in pay and agreed to overhaul the compensation system, which relied heavily on annual bonuses.

Now Oakland teachers are prepared to walk out, and Sacramento teachers may follow.

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