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Brexit news: Theresa May asks Parliament for more time



British Prime Minister Theresa May, faced with the near-impossible task of renegotiating part of her Brexit deal with the European Union before the rapidly approaching Brexit deadline, has resorted to the time-honored strategy of stalling for time.

“Having secured an agreement with the European Union for further talks, we now need some time to complete that process,” May said in a speech to Parliament on Tuesday. “When we achieve the progress we need, we will bring forward another meaningful vote.”

Or, in the words of the 1970s soul group Chairmen of the Board, “Give me just a little more time.”

When that next “meaningful vote” in Parliament will actually take place, though, is still unclear. But it’s getting precipitously close to the March 29, 2019, deadline, the date when the UK will leave the EU, with or without an agreement in place.

“The talks are at a crucial stage,” May told Parliament on Tuesday. “We now all need to hold our nerve to get the changes this House requires and deliver Brexit on time.”

The prime minister made this plea during an update to members of Parliament, the first major one she’s made since she returned from trips to meet with her counterparts in Brussels and Dublin. She’s trying to renegotiate the “Irish backstop,” part of the Brexit deal meant to guarantee that no “hard” border — meaning actual physical checkpoints for goods and people trying to cross — is created between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as a result of Brexit.

Northern Ireland is part of the UK, but the Republic of Ireland is an independent country. Both are currently members of the EU, which has enabled the two — which until fairly recently endured years of conflict — to have an open border, allowing for the free flow of people and goods and enabling people on both sides to develop closer ties.

The concern now, though, is that when the UK withdraws from the EU, a hard border will go back up between the two Irish neighbors, severing those ties and potentially reigniting the conflict. The so-called “Irish backstop,” which May negotiated as part of her larger Brexit deal with the EU, is meant to prevent that from happening.

But many members of her party — specifically the hardline Brexiteers who want a clean break with the EU — didn’t like the backstop arrangement she worked out, and last month voted to send her back to the negotiating table.

Except the EU has insisted — and continues to insist — that the backstop, which it sees as a critical part of the larger withdrawal agreement, cannot be revised.

So the Brexit impasse prevails.

But the UK and EU are talking, at least, and May is trying to make a case that this means a breakthrough is theoretically possible. She just needs more time.

The only problem is that time is quickly running out. With just a little more than a month left to go, May’s critics are accusing her of running out the clock, leaving Parliament no choice but to vote on a deal, whether they like it or not, to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

That scenario would be disastrous for the economy, and while businesses and people are preparing — doing everything from stockpiling goods to hoarding medicines — the consequences would be unpredictable and dire.

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26 Photos Proving That Happiness Is Not About iPhones




Some people are chasing their future so fast that they stop noticing how great their lives today actually are. And truly happy people don’t need to chase anything: they are happy to have a comfortable bed, a loyal friend who is always there for them, a present from their grandmother, and for every small achievement on their life path.

These people are more effective than any coach at teaching us to be happy right here and right now and we at Bright Side were inspired by their ability to be happy no matter what.

1. His person just got home after a few months of work. That’s the look of pure happiness.

2. Soap bubbles are absolutely necessary for a happy childhood.

3. These 4 guys agree.

4. “My son has struggled with autism, Tourette’s, agoraphobia, severe anxiety, and OCD. He found solace in writing and just published his book on Amazon! Here he is giving a copy to one of his teachers that helped him along the way.”

5. “The photo my sister sent me of her dog and the new puppy they just got”

6. “My mom made my girls one Pom-Pom rug each. They took 80 hours, 320 Pom-Poms, and she let them choose their favorite colors. Just missed Christmas, but they are ecstatic nevertheless.”

7. “After years of sleeping on the floor and then on an air mattress, I finally own a bed!!! ”

8. I call this one “Pure Happiness.”

9. “My niece has always loved pumpkins. Today, we took her to a pumpkin farm for the first time…”

10. “10 months ago I decided to start learning to love myself. I moved states, got a new job, and have surrounded myself with amazing friends (some new & old). This photo has captured exactly how I feel… Pure happiness! I am so proud”

11. “My wife captured a moment between my daughter and I on the train while she was ‘booping’ my nose with hers. Pure happiness.”

12. “Makes me weak in the knees to see the happiness in my 8-year-old yellow Lab’s eyes, as well as the happiness in the eyes of my 81-year-old Mom.”

13. He is genuinely happy.

14. When your friend is with you and you’re happy:

15. Weee… that was fun.

16. With age, people are more likely to find harmony with themselves and with the world.

17. “My boyfriend got me a lemur experience for my birthday!”

18. Snow. This is all these guys need to be happy.

19. There is no such thing as pure happiness… Or is there?

20. “My mother had wanted a miniature poodle for over 30 years. This is the day Zoe came home.”

21. “My dad got married this past weekend after being single for 13 years and raising 3 girls alone. This is what happiness looks like.”

22. “Here’s another shot of my 101-year-old grandfather with our new puppy! This is pure joy if I’ve ever seen it!”

23. “Me and my girlfriend were in a car accident in which her arm had to be amputated. A week later we adopted Lola, I don’t know who’s happier… I’m going with Lola.”

24. “After an 8 month apprenticeship, and numerous clean downs and set ups, this is me doing my first tattoo on some fake skin. It is what it is but I couldn’t be happier. I earned this.”

25. “My parents split up when I was a baby. Even though they didn’t get along, they maintained a healthy relationship so they could equally raise me. This is our first picture together in a decade. I’m thankful to be proof that parents who are separated can still work together.”

26. Happiness is a state of mind.

Which of these photos seems the most uplifting to you?

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