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6 Hormones That Make Women Age Prematurely



Scientists claim that our body synthesizes about a hundred hormones and that 6 of them are important for female beauty. They contribute to the elasticity of our skin, preserve our youth, and even contribute to our good mood. However, due to unknown reasons, sometimes our body fails, hormones levels decrease, and a person starts to age prematurely. The good news is that there are reliable methods to restore the balance of hormones.

Bright Side has carefully studied medical literature and is ready to tell you how to sustain an optimal level of hormones. This will help your skin glow and make your nails and hair look like a million bucks.

1. Estrogen

Estrogen causes fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin. When the level of this hormone decreases, wrinkles appear, the face oval becomes uneven, and the breasts become saggy. However, it’s not just about the skin — the lower the level of estrogen is, the faster the body wears out.

How do you raise the level of estrogen?

  • Food. Soy-based tofu, soy milk, brown rice, flaxseed, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Scientists claim that meat products suppress the production of estrogen which is why it’s better to reduce your consumption of animal protein.
  • Cosmetics. Specifically creams that contain phytoestrogens. For example, serums and creams with licorice root fight aging because it contains liquiritigenin — an antioxidant that stimulates collagen production.
  • Food additives. Phytoestrogens are sold as dietary supplements in the form of red clover, oregano, or сimicifuga. Though they are not hormonal drugs, it’s still necessary to consult a doctor before taking them.

2. Growth hormone (somatotropin)

People tend to get somatopause with age — a condition when the level of growth hormones in the blood starts decreasing. When the levels of somatotropin are reduced, muscles decrease while fat and wrinkles start to appear in excessive amounts, the mood deteriorates, and endurance decreases. Hollywood celebrities often start to inject the growth hormones, however, this method has a lot of unpleasant side effects like swelling, headaches, and even uncontrolled growth of bones and internal organs.

How do you raise the level of growth hormones naturally?

  • Physical activity. Walking at a speed of 2.5-3.5 miles per hour, physical exercises with weights (10-15 reps each). It’s better if strength training precedes aerobic exercise — at first, work with dumbbells, then walk. Of course, walking outside is the best option.
  • Temperature changes. Visiting a sauna or taking contrast showers stimulates the production of growth hormones.
  • Sports supplements. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) improves sleep and increases the levels of somatotropin.

3. DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)

DHEA is a hormone that has a soothing and anti-aging effect. But the thing is that our body only produces it until the age of 30. After that muscle tone starts to fall, vessels become more brittle, and the skin loses its elasticity.

How do you raise its level naturally?

  • Include healthy fats in your diet — our body produces DHEA from them. Nuts, seeds, fatty fish, and avocados contain essential polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • Eat protein products for breakfast — they help to fight against mood swings and stabilize the nervous system at the very beginning of the day.

4. Melatonin

Melatonin regulates our daily rhythms. In other words, it informs the body that it is time to rest. All cell renewal processes happen during sleep and if it is disturbed, people start to age prematurely. The lack of melatonin leads to the appearance of wrinkles, hair loss, and the formation of pigment spots.

How do you raise the level of melatonin?

  • Food. Melatonin is contained in bananas, tomatoes, rice, and corn.
  • Alcohol, smoking, and caffeine are contraindicated. When consuming them, the production of this hormone stops. Some drugs such as beta blockers, hypnotics, and anti-inflammatories have the same effect.
  • Food additives. Melatonin can be taken in pill form — and it is freely sold in drugstores. Some experts claim that we need to artificially restore the lack of melatonin after the age of 35. In any case, always remember to consult your doctor first.

5. Cortisol

A high level of the stress hormone cortisol leads to premature aging. Depending on the skin type, the negative effect of cortisol manifest in different ways — from a gray face color, to dry and peeling skin, to deep wrinkles and oiliness and acne. This hormone breaks down collagen fibers and makes skin flabby.

How do you reduce the level of cortisol and stress?

  • Drink enough water. Even slight dehydration increases the level of this hormone. And a small thing, like a glass of water, will help you to relax.
  • Food supplements with rose root decrease the level of anxiety and cortisol.
  • Listen to good music. Scientists say that music therapy decreases the level of stress.
  • Meditation literally makes our body decrease its level of cortisol without medicine.

6. Insulin

Insulin increases glucose levels in the blood, and whenever it gets out of control, early signs of aging appear on the skin. A high level of sugar leads to the appearance of wrinkles, as well as saggy skin.

Due to an increase of glucose, the process called glycation (the bonding of sugar molecules and proteins) runs faster than it should at a certain age which leads to the destruction of collagen and elastin. Elastic skin then becomes fragile and dehydrated.

How do you protect skin from an excess of sugar?

  • Consult a doctor in order to figure out the level of sugar in your body. After consulting a specialist, you can start treating the issue.
  • Cosmetics. Creams and serums with retinoids (vitamin A and its derivatives) stimulate the production of collagen. These cosmetic products should contain vitamins C and E, and green tea — they all work as antioxidants.
  • Use sunscreen daily even in the winter. Sun rays destroy elastin fibers and contribute to rapid aging.

Do you watch your hormone level? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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8 Celebrity Couples Who Became Happy Parents in 2019 (Some Even Had Their Fifth Kid)




Even though 2019 is not even halfway over yet, we can bravely call it the year of the celebrity baby boom. Some had their first kid, like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, while others got “a parcel” from the stork for the fifth time.

Bright Side congratulates both new parents and experienced ones, while this compilation will tell you which celebrity couples got a new addition to their families this year.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

On the 6th of May, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had their first baby. This good news was published on the couple’s official Instagram page. The baby was born weighing 7lbs. 3oz. Both the baby boy and his mother are doing well. Prince Harry was present at the labor and supported Meghan during this important moment.

Their Royal Highnesses thanked their fans for their support and introduced the little prince to the whole world. His full name is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The son of Harry and Meghan became the 8th great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, becoming the 7th in the line in the succession to the British throne.

Amy Schumer

37-year-old comedian and actress, Amy Schumer, became a mother at almost the same time as Meghan Markle. This is the first child for Amy and her husband Chris Fisher.

Gordon Ramsay

On the 4th of April, the family of the famous British chef and the father of 4 kids, Gordon Ramsay, had his fifth kid. The chef posted a touching photo of his wife and newborn on his Instagram. The photo was taken right in the hospital room just after she gave birth with the following comment: “After 3 baftas and one Emmy… finally we have won an Oscar, please welcome Oscar James Ramsay, who touched down at 12:58 today for some lunch !” Oscar James Ramsay is the name the happy parents gave to their baby.

Tom Hardy

In January 2019, Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley had their second son who, according to their loved ones, looks like 2 peas in a pod with his famous daddy. The baby was named Forrest, after the character of the couple’s favorite movie Forrest Gump. We wonder what reaction Tom Hanks had to this pleasant news. Apart from 2 common kids with Charlotte, Tom has an older son, Louis, with his ex-girlfriend Rachael Speed.

Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey

On the 19th of April, a 52-year-old Vincent Cassel became a father for the third time. His young wife, 22-year-old Tina Kunakey gave birth to their daughter whom she gave a very unusual name Amazonie. Tina’s brother Zakari, who became a happy uncle, has already come up with a sweet nickname for his niece, which is Zozo. She is the first child in Cassel-Kunakey family. Cassel’s older daughters were born during his marriage with Monica Bellucci.

Jessica Simpson

On the 19th of March, Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson became parents for the third time. After 9 months of a rough pregnancy, the couple had a long-awaited daughter, Birdie Mae, weighing 10 lbs 13 oz. Jessica tried to hide her pregnancy early on, but later when her secret was revealed, she started to gladly share the issues and problems connected to her pregnancy with her fans on her Instagram page.

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva

The 69-year-old actor has become a father for the second time. In February, Gere’s 35-year-old spouse, Alejandra Silva, gave birth to their son. Richard also has an older son, Homer, who was born during his marriage with Carey Lowell. Alejandra has a 6-year-old son, Albert, from her former relationship too. The newborn baby became the first common child of this star couple.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

In the large family of Sophie Ellis-Bextor and the bassist of “The Feeling” band, Richard Jones, there are already 4 sons. On the 7th of January, the couple had their fifth son. Despite all the useful pieces of advice that the couple’s fans gave to help them have a baby girl, the strong celebrity family had a baby boy once again. They decided to name him Mickey.

Bonus: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are going to join the camp of the celebrity baby boom this year too. The couple is expecting their third baby very soon.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is going to become a mother for the second time too. The actress was caught by the paparazzi at the Chanel J12 party in Paris and it was difficult to not notice her significantly rounded tummy.

Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr finally confirmed the suspicions of her very observant fans and walked the red carpet of the Gruner & Jahr Spa Awards in a dress emphasizing her rounded belly. She is currently raising a son she had together with Orlando Bloom. Less than one year ago, she and her second husband Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat, gave birth to another baby boy. It’s obvious that this year, the Victoria’s Secret angel is going to become a mother for the third time.

Are you aware of other celebrities who could be included on this list? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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Australian federal election 2019 results: Scott Morrison and the Coalition win




The Australian federal election has delivered a shocking result, with the right-wing Liberal-National government expected to return to power for a third term despite polls and odds having strongly favored the opposition Labor Party.

Votes are still being counted; although no side has a majority, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition (also known simply as the Coalition) is projected to win enough seats in the House of Representatives to form either a majority or minority government. In the case of a minority government, the Coalition would hold fewer than the required 76 seats needed for majority rule, and would have to negotiate with independents for supply and confidence.

At the time of publishing, the ABC has called 74 seats for the Coalition, 66 for Labor, and 6 for independents.

Australia’s favorite election analyst Antony Green gave a tempered projection about the country’s political future as initial results came in, saying, “We can’t see an alternative to a Morrison government in the numbers we’re seeing at the moment.”

Hours after Green made those comments, Labor leader Bill Shorten conceded, telling supporters, “I know that you’re all hurting, and I am too,” after what has been described by the ABC as a “horror night” for Labor.

While the large seat losses predicted for the Coalition did not come to pass, one important symbolic change did occur: Divisive former prime minister Tony Abbott lost his once-safe Sydney seat of Warringah, which he’s held by a large margin since 1994, to independent candidate Zali Steggall, a lawyer and former Olympian who ran on the issue of climate change.

Labor has lost the “unloseable” election

The Labor Party was widely favored to win this election — so much so that popular gambling website Sportsbet opted to pay out to Labor-backers two days early, to the tune of $1.3 million (there was no such luck then or now for the man who placed a record-breaking $1 million bet on Labor on rival site Ladbrokes).

The Liberal-National coalition has trailed in the “two party-preferred” polls for years now, something that — along with the Coalition’s internal division over climate policy — has caused the group to change prime ministers twice in six years (Morrison has only been PM since last August).

The Coalition has grown (or appeared to have grown) increasingly unpopular over its inaction on climate change, an issue of great import to Australians, who now put climate change at the top of the list of threats to the national interest. While Labor’s climate policies are more in line with public opinion, its leader is not. Voters have consistently signaled they prefer whoever leads the Liberal Party to Labor’s unpopular leader Bill Shorten in the preferred prime minister polling, something Morrison tried to capitalize on by turning the parliamentary race into a presidential one.

And while polls had narrowed in recent weeks, Labor remained clearly in front, with some pundits now blaming the “shy Tory factor” (essentially people telling pollsters they plan to vote for more liberal candidates before actually voting for conservative candidates) for this surprise upset. On-air commenters in Australia are questioning whether they can ever really trust polling again, in scenes reminiscent of both the aftermath of the Brexit referendum and the 2016 US presidential election.

What happens now?

Pre-poll votes still need to be counted, and with Australians having cast a record number of early votes, these ballots could affect the results. Green says the early ballots won’t turn the results around, but they could determine whether the Liberal-National coalition wins the 76 seats required for a majority.

If the Coalition doesn’t manage to secure a majority, it will have to negotiate with the independents, who hold a growing influence over Australian politics.

Minority governments were once a rarity in Australian politics, but have become increasingly common in recent years, as voters have grown dissatisfied with the two major parties and the independent vote has risen. Seven key independent candidates released a joint statement earlier this month, declaring action on climate change a major condition for securing their support in the next parliament. It remains to be seen whether the Liberal-National Party will actually require the support of any of those climate-focused independents, or if they can rely on others to form a governing coalition.

A pre-election analysis by former Labor prime minister advisor Sean Kelly predicted that if Labor somehow lost this election, the party’s identity would be up for grabs, and “the idea that Australians have become permanently more progressive will die.”

Current Labor leader Bill Shorten has said he will not seek another term in his party’s top job. Many voters have long wished for one of the more popular leaders from the party’s left-wing, such as deputy leader Tanya Plibersek or infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese, to take over as Labor leader. While this could be the chance for more progressive members of the party to assert themselves, after the public’s repudiation of Labor, it remains to be seen whether that is a course of action Labor members have an appetite for.

On the Coalition side, Former Liberal prime minister advisor Niki Savva suggested that in the unlikely event Morrison prevailed, he would have unprecedented authority over the party, having single-handedly dragged the conservatives back from sure electoral defeat.

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How To Be A Feminist By Carey Mulligan




Carey Mulligan covers ELLE’s Feminism issue, November 2015, for her new film Suffragette. Here she tells ELLE why she’s proud to be a feminist, how to deal with cat calling, and life at 30.

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