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How Things Worked Out for the Lady Officially Coined "The Most Beautiful Woman That Ever Lived" | Viral Buzz News
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How Things Worked Out for the Lady Officially Coined “The Most Beautiful Woman That Ever Lived”



Greta Garbo was referred to as the Swedish sphynx, perfection, and the greatest mystery of world cinema. She dreamed of acting and when her dream came true, she ran away from everyone to live under a fake name in complete isolation. A huge movie corporation tried to take hold of her, but Garbo turned out to be stronger and took over the corporation herself. Hollywood kneeled before this great woman and she is still believed to be one of the most popular actresses in the world.

We at Bright Side are convinced that the story of the Snow Queen from Scandinavia would make an excellent movie and there’s an actress out there who can portray her character on screen. Here are 10 facts that could be used for a great biopic about Greta Garbo.

  • Garbo was not her real last name. Her actual name was Greta Lovisa Gustafsson. Her stage name was coined by a Swedish director named Mauritz Stiller. According to one of the versions of the story, he changed her last name slightly based on the popular Norway actress of the 1920s, Erica Darbo.
  • Garbo was raised in a very poor family. When the girl was just 14 years old, her father died. The girl then had to leave school and start working. She went to work in a hat store and the owner decided to take a picture of her for commercials for his products. This was the day when the shy but photogenic girl attracted the attention of show business representatives. In the beginning, she was invited to work as a model but the young Greta was more interested in acting, so she entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.
  • Before she became Greta Garbo, Greta Gustafsson was a bit plump. Mauritz Stiller, a director, made her lose some weight. But even after that, she wasn’t considered slim enough in Hollywood. In the end, we grew to know her as a symbol of elegance and grace but she herself was very shy about her own appearance, even after she became a star. Garbo admitted that she thought she was huge and clumsy. She felt that way mostly because he boasted a size 11 foot and stood tall at 5’9″. In the beginning, the girl had trouble speaking English which only made her shyness worse, but soon she became the Queen of Hollywood with great earnings and the power to tell Metro Goldwyn Mayer her own conditions.
  • Unlike many other actors, it was easy for Garbo to overcome the end of the era of silent film. In 1930, the film Anna Christy was released. It was marketed with the slogan, “Garbo Talks!” The actress had a great voice that was a bit hoarse which made her even more memorable.
  • Garbo’s eyelashes inspired the famous Max Factor. In the beginning, he figured that cosmetics wouldn’t be able to recreate something like them. But before the girl became an actress, she was recommended to have her eyelashes cut in order for them not to put shade over her eyes. Fortunately, Greta didn’t do it.
  • In the 1950s, Greta Garbo was named “The Most Beautiful Woman Who Ever Lived” by the Guinness World Records. Most likely, she was chosen because of her amazingly symmetrical face (you probably know that most people’s left and right sides of their faces are significantly different). Despite all this, the actress herself was sure that her sister Alva was more attractive and talented than her. Unfortunately, Alva died at the age of 24 of lymphoma.
  • Garbo literally escaped from her own wedding. She was supposed to marry the actor John Gilbert who she’d met on the set of Flesh and the Devil but she didn’t show up for their wedding that was organized by MGM. The actress was shocked by the news that Mauritz Stiller had passed away and the fact that Metro Goldwyn Mayer management wouldn’t allow her to go to his funeral.
  • Garbo retired from her movie career when she was 36 years old. He last movie was Two-Faced Woman and critics didn’t really like it. After that, she lived in a Manhattan apartment under a fake name, Harriet Brown. The actress admitted that her profession was really hard on her.
  • The star was a British intelligence spy. Historian David Bret wrote about this in his book, Greta Garbo: Divine Star. According to his information, the actress convinced the Swedish King Gustav to offer asylum to 500 Jews who were going to be sent to Germany to die. She also helped Niels Bohr escape from Germany — he was the inventor of the first nuclear bomb. Adolf Hitler was a fan of Greta Garbo’s and even invited her to Germany at the beginning of the ’40s. Garbo herself later said that maybe she should’ve gone to Germany and killed the führer. That way she would’ve become a hero like Joan of Arc. However, it still may not have stopped the war.
  • Greta Garbo died in 1990. She didn’t have any children so her big fortune was inherited by her niece, Gray Reisfield. The actress asked to be buried in Stockholm and her request was executed 10 years after she died.

What do you think of Greta Garbo’s story? Which part of it amazed you the most?

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DoorDash finally released more details about its new tipping policy




A month after food delivery app DoorDash said it would change its controversial tipping policy, the company released more details about the planned changes — but there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

In a company blog post on Thursday, DoorDash CEO Tony Xu gave a timeline and more details about when and how the company will change its pay model to stop effectively pocketing workers’ tips.

The announcement comes a few days after Recode first reported that the company had continued to pocket drivers’ tips despite promising drivers nearly a month ago that it would share more details on changes “in the coming days.”

In the post Thursday, Xu defended DoorDash’s original tipping policy — saying that in many cases the company boosted drivers’ pay when customers gave little or no tip. But the CEO also acknowledged that DoorDash’s model had “the unintended effect of making some customers feel like their tips didn’t matter.”

Many drivers have voiced outrage over the tipping policy, which is still in place for most workers.

“They’re still stealing tips,” DoorDash delivery person Dawnielle Turner recently told Recode. “I don’t think [the company] understands how many people rely on this as a primary source of income.”

As part of its new pay model, DoorDash said it will increase minimum base pay (from $1 to $2) and will offer more performance-based bonus options to its drivers.

There are still unanswered questions about what DoorDash’s pay policy changes will mean for workers. DoorDash did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Here’s what we don’t know yet:

  • How exactly the pay model will change. The company says that its new pay model will result in higher average earnings for drivers, and that it will use a third party to verify that. That’s a good first step toward greater pay transparency, according to Sage Wilson, an organizer for labor advocacy group Working Washington.

But DoorDash still won’t give its drivers a breakdown with a tip amount for how much they will make for each delivery when they first accept an offer. Only once a job is done will drivers see how much they’ve been tipped. That means that drivers have to trust that the company isn’t factoring in a customer’s tip when it quotes them on base pay. To help clear this up, drivers have called for the company to disclose exactly how much it pays workers for distance travelled and time spent making deliveries. Competing delivery apps like Postmates and UberEats do this already, according to Wilson.

  • The date when these changes will become effective. The company said it will roll out the pay changes to all drivers next month, and it already starting to test the new model — but there’s still no exact date when it will be official. Considering the company has been slow to make changes at the same time that it has closed major acquisition deals and a new round of funding, workers have expressed frustration over the company’s opaque timelines when it comes to worker pay.
  • If it will provide back pay to its drivers. Many drivers have argued that they’re owed for the tips that DoorDash might have directed toward base pay in the past. When Instacart made similar changes to its tipping policy earlier this year, it retroactively compensated workers.

Overall, DoorDash’s announcement represents a win for drivers, labor advocates, and customers who have continued to pressure the company to change its pay practices. But it’s too early to say for sure if these changes will end up universally helping drivers.

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Digital Trends Live – 7.10.19 – Nintendo Switch Lite Confirmed + India May Ban Cryptocurrencies




On today’s episode: Nintendo officially announced the much rumored Switch Lite; WarnerMedia makes HBO Max official, launching with Friends in 2020; India to ban cryptocurrencies – could impact Facebook’s Libra; team sets out to topple the land speed record; President joins to talk about their new A.R. feature; The best CPUs and GPUs on the market; Passwords vulnerability discussion with Keeper Security CEO; If you make a ton of PPT decks, you likely need a CMS – Shufflrr has you covered; Gaming Editor Felicia Miranda takes the cover off the Switch Lite and the best Prime Day deals to watch out for.

View at DailyMotion

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25 Users Showed How Different Instagram Is From Reality, and It Can Make You Way More Confident




According to the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), Instagram is the most harmful social media for psychological health. Every day, we are disappointed when we start comparing our lives to the photos online without even thinking about how these perfect pictures were created. Fortunately, there are users who are ready to reveal what their lives look like without photoshop and filters.

Bright Side is happy to show the photos that will not only give you confidence, but will also improve your mood.

Before and after taken about 30 seconds apart

Nobody looks good in the morning.

Everything depends on the angle.

Trash looks bad no matter where it is.

“I love taking photos on the beach.”

It’s not just bodies and faces that get tune-ups on Instagram. The locals would be amazed to see the photo on the left.

Each successful photo actually means there were hundreds of failed attempts.

The photos I share vs The photos I’m tagged in

A black eye given by a unicorn

It appears that the rainbow is fake.

This is what’s behind a perfect life.

It’s always like this.

If people posted their real photos from the gym

10 minutes after cleaning and 10 hours later

Mud baths are attractive.

Behind the stage of perfect photo

Just imagine what the process looked like.

On hot days, you really need water-resistant makeup.

Before the party / after the party

When you are too hungry to arrange the food in a beautiful way:

This is the same girl.

There is something wrong with this photo.

Some people look like aliens in their photos.

It should be prohibited to tag people in photos.

Instagram vs Real-life motherhood

Do you prefer to post real or idealized photos?

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