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Positive thinking in urdu || Positive Attitude || Muhammad Suleman Ali



#Positive thinking #Positive Attitude #MuhammadSulemanAli

♫ Title: Positive thinking in urdu || Positive Attitude || Muhammad Suleman Ali
♫ Voice By: Muhammad Suleman Ali
♫ Editing By: Mirza Brothers
♫ Music Provided By : No Copyright Sounds.
♫ #MuhammadSulemanAli #MotivationalSpeaker #MotivationalQuotes

ہم آپکو اس چھوٹی سی فیملی میں خوش آمدید کہتے ہیں
اور آپ سے گزارش کرتے ہیں کہ اِس یوٹیوب چینل کی ویڈیوز کو فرینڈز اینڈ فیملی کے ساتھ شیئر کریں اور اِس چھوٹی سی فیملی کو بڑھانے میں ہماری مدد کریں

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Bharam Episode #06




Bharam Episode #06

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20+ Boyfriends Who Are More Gallant Than a Prince on a White Horse




Cool husbands and boyfriends always try to make their other half feel special and the characters of our compilation are just more proof of this fact. From handmade gifts to expressing their purest manners, the men from this article are definitely doing things right.

Bright Side appreciates a sincere expression of emotions and invites you to dive into the world of love and care. Don’t miss our bonus at the end of our article — it will show you that a real prince can be extremely adorable.

21. “I replaced my wife’s bathroom scale so that she knows she is always beautiful for me.”

20. “Message from the gardener… who is also my husband.”

19. I made my girlfriend a sloth ice cream cake for her birthday because she loves ice cream and sloths.”

18. “My boyfriend of 8 years flew out to surprise me with a proposal in my favorite place.”

17. “My boyfriend left me the last piece of bacon.”

16. “I put my life on the line so my girl can have the perfect photo.”

15. “I made a bench for my wife out of wood I found in the back yard.”

14. “I’m a rock climber, so my boyfriend had these clay magnets made that look like him and me.”

13. “My boyfriend got in trouble yesterday. He sent flours to my office today to apologize.”

12. “My boyfriend surprised me with a fancy schmancy dinner.”

11. “Made an enchanted rose for my wife…”

10. “My boyfriend keeps figuring out what outfit I’m wearing out with him and matching it…”

9. “Came home from work today to this cake waiting for me!”

8. Another fancy dinner from another boyfriend

7. “My boyfriend puts cuticle conditioner on my toenails when I am too tired.”

6. “My boyfriend knew my old plant stand had broken and that I had nowhere to put my plants, so he made me one!”

5.“My boyfriend is always ready to help me with my craziest ideas.”

4. “My boyfriend tried to be cute and replaced a pizza slice with a cupcake.”

3. “I don’t have much money, so I made my girlfriend a bouquet of paper lilies as a welcome home gift. Think she’ll like them?”

2. “My boyfriend saved a piece of a rose from the first bouquet of flowers he ever brought to me and made a necklace for me for my birthday. ”

1. “I didn’t have time to go into town, so I drew a circle on my boyfriend’s hand so he could buy me the correct size hoop earrings.”

Bonus: And here’s a real prince (without a horse though) helping his princess with her hair.

Which of these deeds impressed you the most? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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24 Tender Photos of Cats and Dogs Who’ve Learned What It Means to Love




All our lives we’ve been taught that cats and dogs are enemies and that they can’t stand each other. Even the cartoons showed us this! But it’s not always the case. A lot of cats and dogs have special friendships and bonds and when that happens, it’s the most adorable thing ever!

Bright Side fully encourages peace between dogs and cats and that’s exactly why we’re excited to share with you 24 photos of our furry friends showing love for each other!

24. Watching the sunset in a cozy blanket with your friend

23. Couples posing for wedding photos

22. The dog immediately adopted the new cat and this is how they always sleep now.

21. Henry the dog and Baloo love enjoying the sunshine together.

20. This dog takes care of this one-eyed cat.

19. This dog doesn’t mind sharing the cone of shame with this kitten.

18. Little baby wants to play with his big bro.

17. Do you like this dog’s new hat?

16. Pup likes being the little spoon.

15. The softest and comfiest mattress

14. When your child wants to play with you:

13. “You’ve got this, little kitty.”

12. We might be dysfunctional, but we’re still a happy family.

11. The kitten is too small to be the big spoon.

10. Kitty is still not used to this new arrangement.

9. Both think the other is sleeping.

8. When you haven’t seen your significant other all day:

7. “Drive safe, honey.”

6. They always fight, except for when someone is taking a picture of them.

5. Looks like a romantic scene from a movie…

4. The dog is doing a good job of being a blanket.

3. This kitten loves its blanket.

2. This pup seems a little uncomfortable, but too shy to say anything.

1. When your friend is sad and you’re trying to comfort them:

If cats and dogs can get along, so can anyone else, right? These are honestly some of our most favorite types of pictures and we would love to see more! Please, if you have any photos of your pets being friendly and cute with each other don’t hesitate to share them with us!

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