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Senate Republicans consider a deal on the national emergency



President Trump wants to avoid a disastrous vote curbing his national emergency for the southern border wall, and one option on the table was a potential deal with Senate Republicans. Lawmakers, however, weren’t sure if he’d hold up his end of the bargain, and now the deal looks dead.

In just one day, the Senate is expected to vote on blocking Trump’s national emergency. Already, four Republicans have said they are open to opposing the emergency — enough to ensure its passage — and Trump could be facing as many as 10 GOP defections. Trump has threatened to veto the legislation, but legal experts say congressional passage could still aid those challenging the president in court.

A group of Republican senators wanted to help Trump out and proposed a trade. In exchange for voting against a resolution that would terminate the national emergency, they asked for the White House’s support on a measure that would significantly limit the ability of any president — including Trump — to use emergencies in the future, The Hill’s Alexander Bolton reports.

This measure, as introduced by Sen. Mike Lee on Tuesday, would amend the National Emergencies Act of 1976, and it would get a vote sometime later this spring if an agreement were made. Currently, a president’s declaration of national emergency expires one year after it is imposed unless the commander in chief decides to renew it. Lee’s measure would amend the original bill so that national emergencies expire just 30 days after they are declared unless Congress approves an extension, effectively curbing the power of the executive branch to use them.

Though some Senate Republicans had signaled an openness to considering this arrangement, the president has told Lee he won’t back the measure, according to Politico’s Burgess Everett.

His support was something lawmakers had been uncertain of since proposing the deal. As of Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence did not offer a clear commitment to the plan, Bolton reports. A source close to the White House had also told Politico that Trump wasn’t necessarily guaranteed to back a bill that could limit his executive powers. Additionally, while Republicans senators were interested in putting a strict limit on the National Emergencies Act, the White House reportedly wanted to have a little more leeway.

It’s far from the first time that Trump’s unpredictability on a subject has gotten in the way of policy negotiations. Since lawmakers don’t know where he actually stands, let alone if he’s going to stick with a proposal, it’s making it tougher and tougher for Congress to actually reach a deal with him.

Trump’s unpredictability makes deal-making impossible

One reason Republicans might be wary of this deal: Trump’s fickleness has burned them before.

It was just last December when Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, seemingly with positive signals from the White House, triumphantly pushed through a short-term funding bill aimed at staving off a government shutdown — only to have Trump suddenly refuse to sign it. Shortly after, the government went into its longest-ever shutdown.

When McConnell announced that Trump was planning to sign a funding bill to reopen the government and declare a national emergency at the same time, he appeared so eager to make his statement he inadvertently cut off fellow Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley as he was making a speech. As observers commented at the time, there was a potential reason McConnell was in such a rush: He wanted to get the announcement out there before Trump changed his mind.

Democrats have also dealt with Trump’s unreliable promises. Last winter, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer worked on brokering an agreement with Trump that included the exchange of $25 billion for his border wall for a path to citizenship for DREAMERs, or undocumented immigrants who had come to the US as children. Democrats took heat for offering funds for the border wall at all, and Trump ultimately reneged on the proposal, leaving them to address the fallout.

“We’ve had limited success in dealing with this president,” Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) has previously told Politico. “His word isn’t good. Within 48 hours he reverses himself. It’s very difficult to enter into a long-term agreement.”

As of now, the numbers still look stacked against the president’s national emergency.

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16 Striking Photos That Can Touch Your Heart




Photos keep our memories safe and every time we look at them we can immerse ourselves in the moments that have been captured in them. They can also help us to understand what’s really important in this world. And it doesn’t matter whether these photos are from your personal album or belong to somebody else. Their messages, feelings, and emotions can be perceived in one glance.

Here at Bright Side, we believe that the following photos will really touch your heart.

This couple has battled leukemia for 15 years since they were children. Now they’re husband and wife.

This fireman gave a cat that got hurt in a fire mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and saved it.

“My dad, who has dementia, trying to remember my name”

His owner passed away but the dog continues to sit near his bed and wait.

This is what depression looks like over 24 hours.

Have you ever seen a blind dog enjoying the sounds of a lake?

An Iranian girl cheers for her favorite football team from behind the fence since Iranian women aren’t allowed into stadiums.

“My mom painted dementia.”

When all you have is memories:

The 3 social classes in The Philippines in one photo

“My buddy, a glass blowing artist, used my dad’s ashes to make a keepsake marble I can take with me anywhere.”

“She gave me the best 11 years of her life and I can only hope that I was able to do the same thing for her.”

“A year ago, my little sister left this world. This weekend her heart recipient met my mom and shared her heart beat.”

“The moment your dog comes out of the fire you thought he died in”

“3 months ago we were told our newborn was blind. 2 weeks ago we found out the doctors were wrong. Today, she got her glasses.”

“I’m just so proud of you!”

Today my daughter graduated from pre-K. After the ceremony, my son walked up to her and gave her a hug. “I’m just so proud of you,” he said. Then, of course, my daughter started crying. As we wiped away our tears, my husband asked her, “Pumpkin, why are you crying?” She responded, “I’m just so happy.”

Each photo has its own story. Which of them touched you the most?

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Komünist Başkan, Aldığı Kararla Sosyal Medyada Trend Topic Oldu




Mehmet Fatih Maçoğlu’nun belediye başkanı olduğu Tunceli Belediyesi Meclisi, ‘Tunceli’ yazan belediye tabelasının ‘Dersim’ olarak değiştirilmesine karar verdi. Bu karar sonrası Maçoğlu, sosyal medyada Trend Topic oldu.

Tunceli Belediye Başkanı TKP’li Fatih Mehmet Maçoğlu başkanlığında belediye meclis üyeleri toplantısında alınan kararla Tunceli Belediyesi tabelasının ‘Dersim Belediyesi’ olarak değiştirilmesi kararı alındı. Karar tartışma yaratırken ‘DersimdeğilTunceli’ etiketi sosyal medyada Trend Topic oldu.


Belediyeden yapılan açıklamada Dersim ibaresiyle birlikte Zazaca ve Türkçe beleriye hizmetleri verileceği duyuruldu. Açıklamada şöyle denildi: “Kentimizin kültürü, tarihi ve inanç biçimini yaşatmak adına belediyemiz hizmet binasında bulunan tabelada yazılı ‘Tunceli’ ibaresinin değiştirilerek yerine ‘Dersim’ ibaresinin yazılması oy çokluğuyla kabul edildi. Haber

View at DailyMotion

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15 Random People Who Look So Much Like Celebrities, You May Want to Take a Photo With Them




It’s not an easy goal to meet a real celebrity in our everyday life. Sometimes they are too busy with their activities or simply prefer to avoid public places. But when you see one right in front of you, don’t be too quick to jump over the moon and ask for a photo. Try to check their IDs first, because we are ready to show you that there are too many ordinary people who look just like stars and who probably wouldn’t miss a chance to pose and giggle afterward.

We at Bright Side compared photos of celebrities to their clones to demonstrate that this isn’t a joke. IDs first, photos after.

15. Kylie Jenner and Kristen Hancher, but which is which?

14. “My dad actually does Jack Nicholson lookalike work in Hollywood as a hobby.”

13. Breaking news! It seems Kim Kardashian has cloned herself.

12. “This fella lives in my house. I think James Franco and he follow each other on Instagram.”

11. “My sister always gets asked if she’s Julia Stiles.”

10. Nope, those aren’t just 2 pictures of Steve Buscemi!

9. Here’s chance for those who are upset that Michael Fassbender is married.

8. We’re just interested to see if Meghan Trainor’s double has the same talents.

7. We know this is pretty unexpected for Taylor Lautner, but we can’t unsee it.

6. This girl claims that she gets compared to Katy Perry daily.

5. When Chuck Norris is on vacation.

4. “Never mind, I’ll find someone like Adele.”

3. If Cobie Smulders doesn’t want to shoot How I Met Your Mother 10, there’s a perfect replacement out there.

2. Wait, so you’re saying that isn’t Zooey Deschanel on the right?

1. Even Zach Galifianakis and Jonah Hill can see this resemblance.

Do you have any friends who look exactly like movie stars? Show us their photos!

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