Best Movies On Amazon Prime India | Best Amazon Prime Movies To Watch Right Now 2020

Amazon Prime allows you to access numbers of blockbusters Bollywood as well as international movies and shows which you can enjoy anywhere, anytime with HD quality. Over 100 million people globally are using Amazon Prime and found it worthy as you have the best movies On Amazon Prime India on a go with easy access. Amazon Prime … Read more

Do Something Special on Your Most Blessed Day of Life

Getting married to a one with whom you fall in love in one go is magical. Love has the power to give you butterflies in the tummy and make your eyes full glittery. Committing someone that yes, you are ready to tie the knot and begin the new chapter. With three magical letters, no we … Read more

Stop Selling your Kids Short with Just Disney and Pixar Films

The next wave of visual and storytelling innovation in animated movies is here. Can the streaming revolution make it popular? Once upon a time, animated films for kids represented some of the most innovative work coming out of Hollywood. The technical achievements in CGI that Pixar ushered in with 1995’s Toy Story, coupled with a fresh … Read more

Things to Talk with Your Boyfriend

“Someone somewhere is waiting for you.” Haven’t you heard this common phrase from your teenage? Of course, you have! And when you find your perfect prince charming, your voice dims, your heart-rate increases and butterflies start running in your stomach out of nervousness and joy. Isn’t it? But you may have fewer ideas about the … Read more

125 Romantic Love Messages for Wife to Impress Her

Marriage is the most pious and sweet relationship which binds two people forever. A conjugal relation is not only a sign of love but a vow to each other till the last breath of life. A blissful nuptial relationship has a vigorous power to turn a mere house into a loving home which is made … Read more

Facebook Dating and Love Alarm

Twenty countries have gotten lucky, India is not one of them, the US is the twentieth. Facebook Dating began rolling out across the world last year, and five days ago it went live in the US, an opt-in service where people will be suggested to you “based on your preferences, interests and other things you … Read more

Expensive Actors of Bollywood Facing Troubles

Famous actor of Bollywood facing troubles now a days. Yes Salman Khan might face jail term up to 10 years. Bollywood may have to face huge commercial loss if actor Salman Khan is found guilty in the 2002 hit-and-run case. Khan is one of the busiest actors presently with three films and several brand endorsements. But if he is … Read more