How to Protect Kids and Teens from Cyberbullying and Predation

Cyberbullying and online child predation are among the most common online threats having horrible consequences on the sufferer. Parents can play key role in protecting their kids from these online dangers. The most important and effective way to ensure kids’ protection is monitoring. You can also take support of parental monitoring software to closely watch out kids’ digital lives. Read on to know how you can protect your kids from persecutors and molesters.

What is Cyberbullying?

To frequently tease, harass, offend, threat or humiliate someone is known as bullying. When the bully uses electronic mediums such as mobile phones and computers to do the same that is named cyberbullying, online bullying or e-bullying. It is very common to receive or witness bullying stuff on social media sites. If you receive negative comments on your posts from a particular person, it is an example of online bullying. In some cases, cyberbullying is harmless. For instance, if friends make fun of each other on social media or some other platform without a bad intention it is not bullying. However, the severe and unstopped harassment puts horrible impacts on the mental and psychological health of the victim. Many sufferers of online bullying have been experiencing low self-esteem, depression, fear, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts.

What is Online Child Predation?

The pedophiles and child predators misuse the online platforms to trap teenage boys and girls for sexual exploitation. They trap younger children with sweet talk and con them to enter into romantic relationship. Once the target gets emotionally attached with the predator, they start exploiting the target for sexual purposes. They use them for producing sexually explicit photos and videos. Many victims of online child predation have committed suicide on finding no way to get rid of the blackmailer.

How to Protect Kids from Online Dangers

Parents can play pivotal role in protecting children from online dangers. As well as providing kids with digital devices such as mobile phones and computers, the supervision of the use of these devices is also crucial. We have discussed here a few important points that can help to safeguard kids from online bullying, child molestation and several other online crimes with mobile tracker app.

Talk about Dangers

Talking about threats is important. Have frequent conversations about the most common online dangers such as e-bullying, child predation and scamming. Let your kids know that the technology they use is not without risks. Convey the risks associated with irresponsible use of mobile phone, social media and other online platforms. Also, educate your kids about ways to combat these online threats. Let them know how the bullies are and how they can be dealt with. Also, encourage them to share their negative experiences. Listen to them with cool mind and suggest solutions.

Set Digital Rules

Rules are important to train your kids for surviving in the digital world. The unbridled use of digital devices can expose younger children to several risks including online harassment, molestation and abuse. The rules can help to stay away from the vulnerabilities. Compile a list of rules and make it compulsory for kids to follow. Given rules can help to make the digital world less vulnerable for kids.

  • Do not allow using age-inappropriate social media and messaging apps.
  • Do not allow posting personal or objectionable stuff on the internet.
  • Make sure your kids setup private accounts on social media to hide activities from unknown persons.

Monitor Kids’ Online Lives  

The supervision of kids’ digital activities is important to ensure their protection. When it is not possible to keep an eye on your children, you can make use of parental monitoring software. Get your kids’ smartphones installed with the software and keep track of every online and offline activity performed on these devices. Using the app, you can supervise your kids’ chats, social media posts, emails, instant messages and VOIP calls. The app secretly provides access to important data saved on your kid’s phone regarding the digital activities. This data helps you to figure out your kid’s involvement in online harassment and predation.

Hope this article would help in ensuring kids’ protection from cyberbullying and child predation. Keep visiting us for more stuff relating to parenting, kids monitoring and digital world.

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