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Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers’s cat Goose and Flerkens, explained



By now, with 11 years of Marvel movies behind us, it should be a given that nothing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is what it appears to be. Rocket isn’t actually a raccoon. Objects like the Tesseract and the Aether are actually powerful Infinity Stones. The Winter Soldier is actually Bucky Barnes — and he’s responsible for the deaths of Tony Stark’s parents. Ego the Living Planet is actually Star-Lord’s dad, who wants to kill his son and his friends.

The latest surprise comes in Captain Marvel, when the audience finds out that Goose, Carol Danvers’s lovable cat, is not what it appears to be.

The cat, which was a consistent presence in the film’s promos and marketing, is truly one of the most enjoyable elements about the movie. And the eventual reveal of Goose’s true nature is one of its biggest twists, with repercussions that affect, in a roundabout way, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

spoiler, aquaman

Goose the cat is actually an alien species called a Flerken

Chewie the Cat, I mean … Flerken.
Marvel Comics

There’s a running gag in Captain Marvel that Nick Fury — who is known for being lovable but gruff, and not at all touchy-feely — takes a liking to Goose. But other characters, including Skrull general Talos, as well as the Kree scanner, indicate early in the film that Goose is actually scary.

When Talos confronts Fury and Carol Danvers, he recoils and expresses a deep fear of Goose, telling Fury that the animal is not what it appears to be. And in the film’s third act, we see Goose unleash its true nature when Carol asks Fury to hold the Tesseract for safekeeping — Goose takes it upon itself to protect the Tesseract and promptly unleashes a mouthful full of tentacles to “swallow” it.

That’s because Goose is a Flerken: an alien species that lays eggs and that can shoot large tentacles from its mouth. Flerkens can also shapeshift, thanks to their ability to hold a pocket dimension inside their bodies.

While fearsome to their enemies, Flerkens seem to be loyal to their friends — though this characteristic is seemingly contradicted late in the movie, when Goose scratches out Fury’s eye.

So by the end of Captain Marvel, Goose is responsible for one of the most iconic eye accessories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fury’s eyepatch, as well as the temporary caretaker of a very important Infinity Stone.

Goose being a Flerken is a faithful adaptation of the Captain Marvel comics. The only thing the movie really changes is the creature’s name: In the comics, Carol Danvers has a cat named Chewie, after the Star Wars character Chewbacca.

As former Captain Marvel comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick told me, Chewie the cat was seemingly introduced by writer Brian Reed in 2006, in Giant Size Ms. Marvel No. 1 (the comic is about an alternate dimension that’s created during the “House of M” event).

Chewie in Giant Size Ms. Marvel No. 1
Marvel Comics

But Chewie’s Flerken nature wasn’t part of the character’s story until later, when DeConnick wrote it in. DeConnick started writing Captain Marvel in 2012, and expanded on Reed’s creation in part by incorporating some of her own real-life experiences into the comic.

“When I took on the character [of Captain Marvel] it was important to me that we have a sense of her home life and her supporting cast,” DeConnick told me. “Chewie was just funny to me. And I [used to have] this cat, Ham, who I absolutely loved but he was the nastiest creature to everyone but me. I thought it was fun to make Chewie like Ham.”

DeConnick says that Chewie became a fixture in her second Captain Marvel run because it gave Carol Danvers a sense of humanity and another character to talk to. And since Chewie was nasty to anyone who wasn’t Carol, fellow Avengers like Rhodey didn’t want cat-sit. That gave her a reason to bring the “cat” into space.

Chewie, Captain Marvel’s Flerken
Marvel Comics

“I was worried about Carol having to leave all these characters I’d spent so much time and energy developing in order to go to space,” she said. “And I was afraid I’d slide into writing too many internal monologues if Carol didn’t have someone to talk to. So it was just a solution to a problem for her to take the cat with her.”

But what about turning Chewie into a Flerken?

“The idea of the cat being an alien came later, when I got to write the Guardians of the Galaxy [into the comic],” DeConnick said. Carol Danvers interacts with the Guardians, particularly Rocket, during Captain Marvel No. 7 and No. 8 in an arc dubbed “Release the Flerken.”

Not unlike what happens in the movie, Rocket tells Carol that her beloved cat isn’t what it appears to be. And it’s in those aforementioned issues that Chewie’s Flerken nature is revealed.

Rocket telling Carol about her “cat” in Captain Marvel No. 7.
Marvel comics

“I wanted to play with the dynamic of Rocket and Chewie,” she said — referring to the idea that even though the two characters look like a raccoon and cat to human readers, Rocket and Chewie are much more powerful beings — there’s a disconnect between the visual and their abilities, and when Rocket reveals Chewie’s nature, it’s a shock. “I remember having this conversation with Brian Bendis and my husband, Matt Fraction, in Brian’s kitchen years ago. [It’s very] strange to see all this come to fruition [on the big screen].”

“Oh, and when Brian Reed introduced Chewie, the cat just appeared in Carol’s apartment around the same time as she was dealing with an inter-dimensional space traveler, so it all just made sense in retrospect,” she added.

DeConnick’s conception of Flerken Chewie extended beyond her run with Captain Marvel, which ended in 2015. Margaret Stohl wrote Carol Danvers in the 2018 comic The Life of Captain Marvel,and leaned into Chewie’s other powers like shapeshifting:

Chewie in The Life of Captain Marvel.
Marvel Comics

“I had so much fun messing around with his very ‘merf’ ‘yawn’ ‘so over it’ reactions,” Stohl told me. “I played around with his shape-shifting on my first run, ‘Alien Nation’, but most of the time he functions like comic timing, a reaction shot to some of Carol’s epic superhero-sized physical humor.”

I asked both DeConnick and Stohl to assess Chewie’s power levels by posing each a simple question: Would you rather fight 100 Chewie-sized Thanoses or one Thanos-sized Chewie?

“One huge Chewie!” Stohl declared, noting that Flerken powers render the idea of a Chewie-sized Flerken moot. She said that “Chewie-sized” truly means nothing in that context, since size and density mean nothing to shape-shifting Flerkens.

DeConnick said she would just give up.

“Oh man, do I have to?” she said. “Can’t I just surrender? I for one welcome our new Flerken overlord.”

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Cats have mastered the art of sleeping, which is not surprising since they spend most of their day asleep. The thing that surprises us is the law of physics-defying positions they fall asleep in. They often leave us amazed or even a little freaked out, but they’re comfortable so we shouldn’t complain. They make for some of the funniest pictures after all!

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Bernie Sanders’s reparations comments could hurt DSA 2020 endorsement




Sen. Bernie Sanders’s refusal to give a full-throated endorsement of reparations is throwing a wrench into his long-expected endorsement from the Democratic Socialists of America.

The DSA’s AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus, a section within the organization focused on race and people of color, is asking the DSA’s national political committee to withhold its endorsement of Sanders’s presidential campaign over his stance on reparations. The independent Vermont senator has declined to back reparations for the descendants of slaves in the United States, arguing that broader anti-poverty programs will help address inequality and that it’s not clear what the term means.

DSA’s members already voted 76 percent to 24 percent to endorse Sanders in a poll conducted by the organization’s leadership earlier this month. The 16-member national political committee is set to vote on the endorsement on Thursday evening. The AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus is pushing for them to withhold that endorsement.

The caucus laid out its reasoning in an open letter to the political committee and explained that while they believe Sanders has advanced in his stance on race, “there is still a disconnect in his approach to economic issues often failing to comprehend how race and class are intertwined.”

“Should the organization move forward with an endorsement of the Sanders campaign, despite his failure to adopt specific policy stances to address matters of persisting racial injustice and despite his unwillingness to champion reparations to specifically address the experience of the descendants of African slaves, it will risk alienating not just members of color within the organization, but people of color in the communities in which the DSA works,” the letter reads. “We ask that the DSA withholds endorsement of the Bernie Sanders campaign for the presidency until Sanders finally acknowledges the validity of black demands for reparations in America.”

Democratic Socialists of America, which claims to be the largest socialist organization in the US and has gained significantly in prominence in recent years. (Jeff Stein laid out for Vox in 2017 what DSA is all about.) It has more than 50,000 members nationwide.

The letter has caused some internal consternation within DSA, which has been criticized for being a heavily white and male organization.

“There is a lot of really frustrated white comrades right now and comrades of color, to be quite honest, about how this is a stupid strategy, and what’s going on, but I think their hearts are in the right place,” Bianca Cunningham, co-chair of New York City’s DSA chapter, told me. “Sometimes, having these discussions is uncomfortable, and it means you even have to challenge comrades who you see as allies.”

What Sanders has said about reparations

Reparations has become a topic of conversation in the 2020 Democratic primary, and multiple candidates — including Sanders — have been asked to weigh in.

It’s worth noting that reparations polls poorly among the general public, but is more popular with younger voters and voters of color — prime parts of the Democratic base. It has thus gained credence among those on the left as the Democratic Party becomes more aware of and responsive to issues like the racial wealth gap. Black voters make up about 25 percent of Democratic primary voters, a constituency Sanders struggled with somewhat in 2016 but one with which he has been gaining support more recently.

At a CNN town hall event with journalist Wolf Blitzer in February, Sanders was asked about reparations. He said that there are “massive disparities that must be addressed” but did not come out in favor of reparations. Sanders pointed to legislation he likes, including Rep. Jim Clyburn’s (D-SC) 10/20/30 anti-poverty program, which he has endorsed. It calls for more federal resources to be sent to communities with high, sustained levels of poverty.

Sanders said we have to do “everything that we can do end institutional racism in this country” and “put resources into distressed communities and improve lives for those people who have been hurt from the legacy of slavery.” But he wouldn’t come out in favor of reparations, and he said it’s not clear what the term even means.

“But what does they mean? What do they mean?” he said. “I’m not sure that anyone’s very clear. What I’ve just said is that I think we must do everything that we can to address the massive level of disparity that exists in this country.”

The DSA caucus calling for the organization to withhold its endorsement cited Sanders’s comments at the CNN town hall. They said he appeared “defensive” and “the dismissive nature of the response effectively shut down the opportunity for meaningful conversation on this issue.”

Sanders was also asked about reparations in a subsequent appearance on the talk show The View and again declined to back them. “I think that right now, our job is to address the crises facing the American people and our communities, and I think there are better ways to do that than just writing out a check,” he said.

That Sanders is not supportive of reparations is not a surprise — he did not support them in 2016 either, claiming they were “divisive” and nearly impossible to get through Congress. (President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton did not support reparations, either.) More broadly, Sanders has struggled with his messaging on race. In 2015, Black Lives Matter activists disrupted one of his speeches.

A Sanders spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment on the DSA’s reparations debate.

Reparations have become an important issue in the 2020 primary

The issue of reparations has become a notable topic of conversation among 2020 Democrats.

Vox’s P.R. Lockhart recently delved into the debate and what candidates have said about it. Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), for example, have expressed some level of support for reparations, and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) is running on a proposed “baby bonds” program that would help close the racial wealth gap.

But as Lockhart notes, the issue — and the discussion around it — isn’t clear-cut:

Some candidates have also noted that reparations — the process of apologizing and providing restitution to those harmed by slavery and its legacy — would serve as payment for a debt America has yet to truly acknowledge 150 years after emancipation.

But they’ve stopped short of actually calling for reparations programs. Instead, experts say that some candidates have muddied the waters by framing universal programs that would help black communities as a form of reparations — which they aren’t.

The discussion has touched on a longstanding debate about what the United States owes to the descendants of enslaved men and women — a population that has been systematically denied wealth and opportunity in a country built with the stolen labor of their ancestors.

Sanders’s approach to racial issues has historically been centered on economic inequality and the idea that communities of color would benefit most from his proposals such as Medicare-for-all and free education. Nelini Stamp, who heads strategy and partnerships for the Working Families Party and supports reparations, in a recent interview told me that’s not enough.

“Similar to having capitalism be a bad word, we need reparations to be a good word,” she said.

Stamp added that people who back Sanders should pressure him on the issue as well. “There should be actual outrage from Bernie’s strongest supporters about his reparations comments,” she said.

Sanders will probably still get the DSA’s endorsement

It’s not clear what, if any, effect the DSA AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus’s letter will have on the organization’s decision on backing Sanders. Its membership appears to overwhelmingly support the move, though there has been some debate about whether it’s the right move.

The national political committee is set to debate and vote on the endorsement on Thursday at 9 pm.

Beyond this vote, the discussion about reparations and, more broadly, race, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, in the context of the Sanders campaign or among democratic socialists more broadly.

“I don’t think the problem is that they’re pushing for this, I think the problem is the way that people receive it,” Cunningham, from New York’s DSA, said of the AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus’s letter. “And so, we hear some people saying, ‘This is going to tear apart the organization.’ Well, it doesn’t have to. You can receive this in good faith and really engage in this in a good faith way.”

The news moves fast. Catch up at the end of the day: Subscribe to Today, Explained, Vox’s daily news podcast, or sign up for our evening email newsletter, Vox Sentences.

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#MBCTrending – بمناسبة افتتاح الاولمبياد في أبو ظبي.. نجوم العرب والعالم بأوبريت غنائي




بمناسبة افتتاح الاولمبياد في أبو ظبي.. نجوم العرب والعالم بأوبريت غنائي
أكبر منصة أخبار عربية للمشاهير
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؟ لأن الازدحام ليس فقط في الشوارع، إنما في كل ما تتلقاه في “السوشيال ميديا” عبر هاتفك الذي لا يفارق يدك . زحام في المعلومات، الصور، الفيديوهات، الملابس، المطاعم، الأفكار، السيارات والمشاهير الذين لا تنتهي يومياتهم بكل ما هو مثير.
نحن نختصر كل ذلك في برنامج واحد يقوم بتلخيص كل ما هو جديد، وإيصاله إليك بدون ازدحام . ابق أمام شاشة MBC4 وانتظر الساخن في تمام الساعة 8 مساء بتوقيت السعودية .

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