How to Run Node js on Shared Hosting – Step to Install and Run

Node.js is an open-source, runtime environment that is generally used by businesses of all sizes. It is used for developing networking and server-side JavaScript applications.

Node.js is based on a non-blocking (asynchronous), an event-driven, input-output model. The advantage of this model makes it lightweight and efficient, ideal for data-intensive real-time applications that run over distributed devices.

install node js on shared hosting
  • Node js support a runtime environment for building a highly scalable server-side Java-Script application. It can be mostly utilized to develop various kinds of applications such as web application, command-line application, real-time chat application, REST API server etc.
  • However, it is widely used to design network-based programs such as web servers, similar to PHP, ASP.NET, and Java etc.

Nowadays Node js are growing because it is perfect for instantly building scalable and fast node js web hosting applications. But, all web hosting providers do not support node js hosting or they are not node js-friendly. Very few web hosting provider support node js hosting. You can run node js on shared hosting without cost or cheap.  

You should look for a web hosting services with that you easily run node.js on shared hosting apps with development tools and APIs.

Run Node js on Shared Hosting:

To run node js on shared hosting server you need to follow below node js run server command and write these commands step by step. When you are going to run node js on shared hosting at that time you can run different versions of node js but once at a time.

Here I have explained steps and command to install node js on shared hosting server: Node v6.2.2. Version. 

Step 1:

When you are going to run node js on server, then at that time you need SSH access on web hosting account. The simple way to create an SSH Key is from your cPanel account and then you are able to access your web hosting account from your Terminal.

What is SSH Access?

SSH is a “Secure Shell” ( protocol that is used to provide a “secure command-line access” to your web hosting account. By using SSH protocol, you can able to remotely log in to your web hosting account and use it to run commands as if you were sitting right at the server.


Step 2:

Now you are at your web hosting server account, but you can’t access to your root. For that you need go to the home folder, and follow the below command: You need to copy/paste below code line by line:

cd ~
curl http:// | tar xz
mv node-v6.2.0-linux-x64/ nodejs
mkdir ~/bin
cp nodejs/bin/node ~/bin
cd ~/bin
ln -s ../nodejs/lib/node_modules/npm/bin/npm-cli.js npm

Step 3:

Now Node.js is running and working on your shared hosting server. 

If you want to check the version of node js and it is working or not, you can check the version of Node js and npm.


node –version
npm –version

Reason: Not to use Node v10.11.0. Version

In the above example, I have explained the step to run node js on shared hosting using Node v6.2.2. Version. You can also try latest Node v10.11.0. Version. When you are trying to install the latest version that is node v10.11.0. on the web hosting server at that time, after installation, you will get the following error:


node –version :
yatko@sg [~/bin]# node –version
node: /usr/lib64/ version GLIBCXX_3.4.10' not found (required by node) node: /usr/lib64/ versionCXXABI_1.3.3′ not found (required by node)
node: /usr/lib64/ version GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found (required by node) node: /usr/lib64/ versionGLIBCXX_3.4.11′ not found (required by node)
node: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.7′ not found (required by node)

To avoid from getting the above error, the best thing you can use an earlier version of node js such as Node v6.2.2 that provide an easy installation without error.

Node.js is an open-source, event-driven JavaScript run time environment. It works as a development framework that is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

Server-Side Applications:

Node js can be used to build server-side web applications, and it has the architecture that allows for large scalability. You run node js on server with very steps.

In the most common web server environments, requests are handled as single: a request goes to the server, the server performs some operations, and a response is sent back to the server.

Which is Best Node.js Hosting?

When you want to run node js on shared hosting at that time there is need to select the best cheap reseller hosting provider with free node js installation.

The following are some features that you should look while selecting web hosting for your websites.

Features to Look For:

In addition, to support Node.js, you should look for the below services:

  • Full SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Use of CDNs to improve website performance
  • Use of SSL Certificate
  • High Uptime guarantees
  • Choice of data canters
  • Money-back guarantee

By evaluating all these points you can select your web hosting provider and can install node js on shared hosting server with some simple commands.

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