Has Netflix Become a Way of Life through Technology?

The times of cable TV have been long gone. There aren’t many households left in the UK, which have a cable network.

The cable TV had seen more than its share of popularity. All the 90s kids would remember how cherished it was by us back in the day.

At present, cable has become an almost obsolete way of watching television.

And why?

It is because technology worked its magic and brought along many innovations that enhanced the television experience to a level never reached before.

The significant change came in the year 1997 when an application by the name Netflix was launched. However, it wasn’t until the end of the first decade of the 21st century that it gained grounds and made itself the leading name in streaming, with over 180 million paid subscribers.

Netflix Technology


Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock would know what Netflix is. Still, I would tell you.

Netflix is an application that is a streaming service, wherein you can watch as many shows and movies as you may want to.

Netflix is an application that can be downloaded easily from the app store for free. However, to access the marvelous collection of TV shows and movies it holds inside its chest requires you to buy its subscription at a nominal charge of £8.99 for two devices.

Netflix is not just an application;

  • It is a boredom killer

When you feel like you have nothing to do and get bored, open the app, and start watching a series. I hear Money Heist is trending these days.

  • It is a companion

You will never feel alone when all the Friends are with you through Netflix. Joey’s constant flirting, Chandler’s sarcasm, and Phoebe’s entire personality will keep you happy and far from feeling alone.

  • It is a mood changer

When you feel like your life is a disaster, watch The Birdbox, and you will realise how much worse things can become.

When an app can do all of this, is it not a work of wonder? And all because of technology.

Netflix and Technology

Netflix is a technological innovation that works on technology itself.

Technology is at play when you install the application into your device to the end you use it.

Once you have downloaded the application, you have to subscribe and pay to use its services. An online transaction is done in a matter of seconds after you have filled in your account details.

Is this is not using technology?

And when you have your subscription, you can start streaming Netflix on;

  • Your Phone;
  • Your Tablet;
  • Your Laptop;
  • Or your Smart TV.

All these are the inception of technology as well.

When I was a kid, I never thought I would be able to access my email, or social media on my television, not that social media existed then, but you get my point.

Netflix and Quarantine

I personally feel that technology, primarily Netflix, helped me get through the quarantine without losing my mind.

I am sure you must agree with me as well.

Being home all day with nothing to do and nothing to look forward to is not ideal. A person can go insane by staying idle for too long, and minutes go by like an hour.

With Netflix, that is certainly not the case.

If I talk about myself, I had started using Netflix for my phone, but my smartphone could do it justice as a big TV would.

So I applied for guaranteed payday loans for bad credit from direct lenders, and the same day I had the money and bought myself the most economical smart TV.

Best decision of my life, I quickly repaid the loan with the next month’s paycheque and enjoyed the full experience of Netflix.

I have watched over 10 shows, including Vikings and The Witcher, both of which are my all-time favourites. I mean, who can compete with the charm of Bjorn Ironside?

All my friends, colleagues, and even my parents love binge-watching on Netflix. For all the 182 million Netflix subscribers, it indeed has become a way of life, and we are thankful for technology to make it happen.

Winding Up

Netflix is not just an app that makes good television and movies; it is also renowned for creating awareness about social issues prevalent in society.

It had released a documentary named 13th back in 2016, which focused on racial discrimination prevalent in the US against African-Americans.

Now, when the Black Lives Matter Campaign is bound to bring a change after the atrocity that took George Floyd’s life,

Netflix has made the documentary available on YouTube free to watch by anyone.

Netflix has also made a Black Lives Matter Collection, which comprises of over 45 movies and TV shows focusing on making people realise what white privilege is.

Netflix has been able to convey this important message because of the platform it was given solely by technology.

So, you tell me, is the technology responsible for Netflix becoming a part of our life or not?

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