Plastic Surgery: Benefits & Negative Aspects of Financing Your Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is an aesthetic treatment, and it is undoubtedly a costly procedure. When looking for plastic surgery treatment, you may want to know about the price and how to pay the cost. You may think about considering financing options. But we would suggest you, before going under the knife, should understand different financing options with their pros and cons.

According to a statical medical report of cosmetic surgery, people worldwide spent more than $12 billion on invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery, including liposuction, face-lifts, tummy tuck surgeries, are highly expensive. Therefore, common people choose to finance cosmetic surgery.

Different options of cosmetic surgery financing

Medical credit card

A medical credit card is entirely different from a traditional credit card, as you would only utilize medical cards to pay for a medical procedure or any healthcare requirements. And the medical card is accepted by a specific network of healthcare providers.

Medical cards have also come with a high interest rate, just like traditional credit cards.

Personal loan

Another option to pay the cosmetic surgery bill is taking a personal loan from a bank, online lender, or credit union. People used to take a personal loan for multiple purposes, including medical expenses and plastic surgery.

When you take a personal loan to finance your cosmetic surgery, you will borrow an amount of money and refund it in monthly installments over a specific loan term. But you have to be very aware before taking loans from the lender, as many personal loans are unsecured. When you apply for a loan, the bank or the lender will review your credit and other financial statements, as these factors help them understand your capacity to repay the loan.

It would help if you remembered that while credit card reviews, the lender takes out your credit card reports, which involves a very hard credit inquiry. And that process can negatively impact your credit scores.

Medical loan

Medical loans are taken from a medical lender with whom your surgeon used to work. It is one type of personal loan used for medical purposes. Like other personal loans, it is also unsecured.

Benefits and negative aspects of financing your cosmetic surgery


The most important benefit of financing your cosmetic surgery is that you don’t need to procrastinate your treatment for adequate money. Through financing cosmetic surgery, a commoner can avail of expensive surgery for their betterment. If you are facing some serious health problems, you need immediate treatment. Your treatment should not be procrastinated due to lack of money. Loans and medical financing will support you to supplement monetary aspects and proceed with your treatment to cure as soon as possible.

Here we first focus on the pros of cosmetic surgery:

Routine charge card

You can easily get low-interest cards and construct your credit amount through repaying process. If the card applies for point programs, then you can take the facilities of it.

Medical card

Medical cards come with low interest or no percent interest promos. It offers the user to manage his investment, considering that individuals utilize it for medical purposes.

Credit line

Credit lines involve credit from a bank that normally provides a minimum interest rate. Sometimes your payment procedure includes interest which is another compelling option.

1. Surgeon’s payment procedure

In this financing procedure, the surgeon will select your organization, so they usually deal with patients to generate an effective plan customized for your condition.

Bank loan

Bank provides loans to you with a high interest rate, and it may bother you in the future by paying lots of interest.

Cons of taking loans for your cosmetic surgery

Regular charge card

With your regular card, you may not get a sufficient amount to cover the whole surgical procedure, plus you have tied a good amount of money worth of specially offered credit until you can really be paid it off.

Medical card

Though medical cards are very popular in the healthcare industry, it has been declared that some medical cards are associated with extensive pressure of sales and marketing tactics, and often interest rates are very high than they used to promote.

Credit line

It is similar to your charge card; applying a line of credit to financing your cosmetic procedure will conjugate suddenly and offer credit space that you can’t avail to use if the emergency situation comes across.

2. Surgeon’s payment procedure

It is crucial to have an eye over the printed protocols before going under the knife. Check how much amount of interest they claim in time, and despite the condition, your credit history should not be affected; missing any payment session may interrupt the treatment from the surgeon in the future.

Bank loan

The most uncomfortable factor of bank loans is there is always a privacy issue. People used to take a loan from a bank for home, education, and car. But don’t want to take loans for healthcare and surgeries. It is an important con of bank loans. Apart from that, there will be a probability you won’t get enough amount to cover the complete procedure.

At the end of the day, you have to talk with the best dermatologist in Dubai, talk about which procedure you really need for your proper cure. Take an estimated expense for this procedure. Then think about financing for cosmetic treatment. Each option has pros and cons. Choose the option which is favorable for you and your economic scenario.

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