How to Build Your Brand Through Social Media

Digitalization has made it difficult for businesses to thrive quickly in recent times without having social media outlets. If you have a brand and you are not yet on social media, it may be challenging to grow faster.

Social media has provided the platform for businesses to get direct access to their customers. In fact, many small business owners begin building their brands on social media.

Build Your Brand Through Social Media

You have an enormous advantage to grow your brand quicker if you are social media savvy. However, if you are not accustomed to social media life, you might have missed out on beautiful opportunities.

This blog will show you how you can build your brand through social media and the steps that can help you achieve a faster growth process.

Brand Building Through Social Media

Get ready for hard work if you want to build your brand through social media. This is not to scare you but to get you prepared for what lies ahead of you. There are several opportunities on social media, and one of them is that you can build your brand through it.

Social media is an excellent method to connect directly to your audience, and you have to build your brand in a manner where they will recognize you even if they are seeing you on social media for the first time.

Internet users across the globe are marked at 4.5 billion, and according to reports from 2020, 3.5 billion of them use social media. It means that the best way to connect directly to your customers is to get to them on social media.

Steps to follow in brand building through social media

If you are just getting started, you may need to follow some simple steps to make your journey smoother.

Select the suitable platforms:

The first step in building your brand through social media is to select the right platforms for your brand and create an account on the platforms.

Not all platforms serve the same purpose. For example, while Twitter is excellent for conversations and sharing topics and news, just like Facebook, Facebook has a much older audience.

You must also know your target audience before you select a platform. It also all depends on the type of brand you want to build. For example, Instagram is more of a visual platform that encourages pictures and videos. TikTok is also currently thriving, and it is growing quite fast.

The essential thing in selecting your suitable platform is to connect you directly with your audience. Also, you may want to consider connections with other brands that can help you enhance your business.

Cover the basics:

When we talk of basics, you may need to have a logo, color palette, and bio that aligns with your brand. If you already have all these, ensure it aligns with your website and business models. It is not out of place to operate more than one social media platform. Ensure every of your information is consistent on each of these platforms. It means your bio or logo on Twitter must be the same as your bio on Facebook.

Have a brand voice:

You have to ensure what you post on social media represents your brand. The style must be consistent across all social media platforms, and you need to ensure that once your audience sees your content, they can quickly identify you.

You may assign a social media manager to handle your accounts for you, or you may do it yourself. The goal is to ensure you have one voice across all platforms. Once the audience reads this post, they should find out that the post is coming from your brand.

Separate Personal and Business:

Don’t mix your personal life with business unless you are a celebrity. Only celebrities have the license to share their lifestyle, which itself is the brand they are promoting. The professional standard for brands is to separate your business accounts from your personal life. You can create individual accounts on social media to run your personal life. You need to manage your brand in a way that you don’t have to be the one to handle the responsibilities of producing content on the platforms.

Use more visual content:

If you want to appear more professional, you should use more visual content. Humans are visual beings, and they find photos and videos more attractive than bulks of texts.

Post Valuable Frequently:

You don’t want to make the mistake of creating social media accounts on different platforms without publishing content on them. You have to offer valuable content regularly to ensure your customers keep coming. The ideal thing to do is to make sure your content proffers solutions to your customers’ problems.

According to PPCexpo, you should ensure you create engaging content and allow space for your audience to comment. Don’t forget to always reply to comments and interact with your audience. That is the only way to encourage your audience to keep coming for more.

Connect to other brands and influencers:

If you are just starting a brand on social media, you may need to follow those closely related brands. One of the ways to grow faster is to connect to brands and influencers in your industries.

Follow their handles to learn from them, and make a mark by frequently commenting on some of their posts. Then, when they notice how valuable you are, they will follow you, and you can build a relationship from there.

Join groups:

One of the advantages of using Facebook is joining a series of groups in your industry or topics that interest you. It is also one of the methods you can use to get more audience to follow you. You may need to contribute to the groups to catch the attention of the members.

Take feedback seriously:

If you want to know how well your brand is doing, you need to get feedback from your audience. Your customers know you better than you know yourself, and if you want to satisfy them, you have to find out what they want. Interact with them, and reply to their messages when necessary. You may also occasionally throw out feedback forms to get their actual opinion about you. Everything is to help you improve your services.


If you want to build a brand, you don’t have to have a big budget to build your brand. Instead, you can start from social media. The advantage of building brand trust on social media is that you will connect directly with your audience.

An enormous number of people are on social media, and there is no better time to use the opportunity to build your brand. The number of time people spend on social media should work to your advantage. It would be best if you start now before it is too late. Read this blog if you are yet to.

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