How to Protect Kids and Teens from Cyber Bullying and Predation

Cyber bullying and online child predation are among the most common online threats having horrible consequences on the sufferer. Parents can play key role in protecting their kids from these online dangers. The most important and effective way to ensure kids’ protection is monitoring. You can also take support of parental monitoring software to closely … Read more

The Discovery Phase Of App Development: Key For Success

We believe the discovery phase of the app development process is key to the success of your mobile app. Those of you new to app development might wonder what on earth we are “discovering,” so we’re going to devote this post to a deep dive into what’s involved. Comparable in some ways to strategy development, … Read more

How IoT Apps Are Impacting Business And Personal Life

The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping industries, and an increasing number of IoT apps are being built to leverage this technology in both business and personal settings. The idea of the “Internet of Things” dates back to the late 1990s, but the opportunities have been multiplying rapidly in recent years. McKinsey estimates it will … Read more

Chatbots For Business: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots for business are becoming increasingly common, and can offer a variety of benefits to both the customer and the company. You’ve probably noticed them pop up on retail websites, map pages, and in mobile apps about everything from travel to nutrition. Chatbots provide interactive communication between a business and its consumers using software developed … Read more

In-App Payment Collection Options

In-app payment collection is a necessary component of many businesses from retail to services. But what is the best way to build payment into an app? There are two main types of in-app payment and they are delineated by what you are selling: digital goods or physical commodities. In-App Payment for Digital Purchases If your … Read more